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Announcements 3

I have three annoucements two cool and one REALLY COOL.

First thank you to everyone who ordered stickers as soon as they went LIVE!!!! They are 6 – 3RAW 3FRO for only $2.49 Click here for stickers

Second Greg rolled out an amazing new feature that will let you join the conversation in the forum with ease. You can now join the forum with your Facebook or Twitter user name. All i ask is you check out the forum and see if it is for you, if its not thank you for check it out, if it is, welcome to the conversation. Click here to enter the forum

Lastly this is something new I want to try out. Starting tomorrow Friday 2/17 at 11:30 AM EST I want to try a rapid FIRE SKYPE q and a session with YOU!!!! Starting at 11 am EST you can start to send an instant message to jaredpolin on SKYPE. (please only send one im) At 11:30 I AM EST I will call a random person who sent an IM and that person will have 2 min to ask a question, make a comment or say anything they want. After the two min is up I hang up and call the next random person. I will do this 5 times for the first week. If your calling please take note that I will be recording the calls and skype video if you have video. I will be posting this experiment on YouTube for you all to see.

Let’s try and make this fun and a weekly thing!!!