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I get hundreds of questions submitted to me each and every day via e mail, facebook, YouTube, Flickr and various other places. I try to answer as many as possible because its very important to me that I help you out. With that said there is a way you can help me help you.

The best place to submit a question is right here on Click the contact tab and use the general questions tab. Before you do that here are some tips for asking questions to help me answer yours in a more timely fashion. Please try and keep your e mails to the most important information. What camera do you own, what lenses do you own, what do you like shooting, what is your budget are all things that you should include when asking me a question.

If you are looking for tips on something photo related please be sure to do a search on before you submit your question as I may have an answer on there for you already.

The more realvant information you supply me with the better chances you have of me answering your question quicker. Here is an example of a good question.

“Hello Jared I am looking to purchase a new lenses to shoot outdoor “Sports”. I currently own a Nikon D3200 with the 18-55 and 55-200. My budget is between $500-$700. Thanks for all of your help, say hello to Lil for me!!!!”

Before I answer this let me point out what they did well. They told me they like to shoot “sports” but they specified outside sports. They told me the camera make and model along with what lenses they own. On top of that they let me know how much money they have to spend. Better than anything is they got right to the point which makes it much easier on me.

My answer would be this. Thanks for your e mail and I will be sure to say hello to Lil for you. You mentioned that you are shooting outside sports and you currently own a 55-200 lens. I think the current lenses set up is sufficient for now especially for outdoor sports. But if you are looking to invest in a better lens I would suggest saving up for something like a sigma 70-200 2.8 vr II which is a little out of your price range right now. This 2.8 lens not only would be great for outdoor sports but indoor as well. It also is a great portrait lens for when you are working with models.

I love helping you guys out by answering as many questions as possible. Please help me help you by following the steps above when submitting your questions.