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Astrophotography Tutorial: How to Photograph STARS with a Cheap Camera

Do you need the most expensive camera and lenses for Astrophotography, the answer is now. You can shoot the stars and milky way with the most basic of camera and lens if you follow a few simple steps.

My general rule of thumb is tripod / cable release. If you don’t have a cable release you can turn on the cameras timer. After that, shoot the widest focal length and the widest aperture that your lens will go. Your ISO will live somewhere between 3200 and 6400 depending on your lens. You will want to keep the shutter speed to less then 30 seconds to keep the stars from moving.

How do you focus, go to infinity or beyond or slightly before, this is a game you need to play until it looks sharp on the screen. Another tip is to use LIVE VIEW and find a bright start to manually focus on.

Good luck, wear gloves if it’s cold and have fun.