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What Is In My Photo Bag: Vegas Edition

Traveling with your gear can always be an interesting thing to get situated. So many factors play into your decision. What gear do I need to bring, where am I going, will I be flying or driving are just a few of the questions I ask myself.

So when it was time to head to Vegas and the prime focus being on doing a mobil RAWtalk I reached for the thinkTank Photo Airport Security. Based on what I needed to load it with I knew this was probably the best bag for the job.

As you will see in the video I can squeeze so much into this bag and it should fit into most overhead bins. (When flying to Los Angeles today it did not fit in a 757 overhead).

I am still amazed I was able to squeeze so much stuff safely into that bag.

What is your go to bag for traveling with your gear?

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Jared Polin: Jared Polin here in Las Vegas because I wanted to do a What’s in My Bag? What did I travel with to get here for all the RAWtalks and all the videos and whatever else we were making? So let’s throw up this think tank airport security bag onto the table. Oh my God, oh my god, I could go over ahead and chest press this with it totally full. Oh my –first things first. Froknowsphoto hair cap, just in case I decide I need to shower and want to do this I actually took a bath in that place. Then on the outside we have a smaller gorilla pod with a ball head on it. We actually use this for the GoPro during RAWtalk we had. We hung it up in a corner boom then the bigger, thicker, better gorilla pod this one is massive. They charge a lot of money for this, but we use that to hold the D800.

Here on the side of the bag, which you’re not going to be able to see, but I attach my one tripod that I like traveling with my carbon fiber that I bought at Allen’s years and years ago when I worked there, love traveling with this, have the ball head gives me whatever I need. But let’s take a look at the inside. This is – this is where well, this is the money shot pretty much because we’ve got everything you can think of in here. A lot of stuff, let’s just start off down here. I won’t take these out but what we have down here are individual think tank lightning fast bags that I had them sent me because I put my microphones in here. I got one, two, three, four different packs.

One has a beach tech, which we use for connecting multiple microphones to the camera that Steven is using. The others have my lab packs and extra batteries. Obviously we’ll look down here. We’ve got road connector so we can do for our headphones, batteries for the D800, the D4 extra double As. I’ve got a dollar don’t why, don’t know what that is. Toothpaste, lens plate or camera plates, toothbrushes, the deodorant that’s always good to have, but let’s start right here. We’ve got XLR cable that’s RAWtalk. We have a zoom each six. That’s for RAWtalk. I’ve got a charger for the Adamos. If we wanted to use the battery, we got the actual Adamos right here pretty darn like this is – it surprises me still how small the Ninja 2 is for what it is. We got that just extra adapters won’t talk about those too much. I have a D4 right here.

Use that for RAWtalk. The D800 is hanging under here boom. Heliopan this is the 9 stop variable neutral density filter ND. That’s good to have because it’s Vegas it’s awfully bright. We’re probably going to use that for doing photo news outside, can’t leave home without gaff tape. This was – this always comes in handy. Then we have HDMI cable which is for the connecting the Adamos to the camera. 14 to 24 hiding down under here is where I hide the 70 to 200 boom. Memory cards, other adapters and cables are going to stay in there for the time being. I’ve multiple card readers. I’ve got the CF card reader, and I also an XQD card reader just in case I want to transfer some XQD cards. GoPro oops, oops, oops, the GoPro isn’t here. This is how I travel with it. This is a lens coat little bag so I’ve got all the GoPro accessories in there. A G Tech hard drive. This is the 2.0 a 1 terabyte put it as 2 1 terabyte drives there for backing things up. That is FireWire. That thing is powerful. Just the deodorant ah, we got the two road headsets that we used for RAWtalk right here. That’s what Steven and I had. And the other there’s odds and ends. There’s more XLR cables down at the bottom as you can see in hear and an AC adapter for the Nikon D800, but you know all in all this, that is a lot of stuff to have to travel.

It’s amazing that out of one bag we were able to pretty much accomplish everything we needed to do for RAWtalk, so I love this bag. Yes, it’s heavy when you are traveling, but it gets you where you’re going. Oh I forgot I got my black rapid strap the froknowsphoto edit black rapid strap in here and I also keep a passport right here inside this little traveling case thing in the bobber, and that’s pretty much it guys. This is a ton of stuff, but it travels well in this think tank airport security, and that is what is in my bag. The traveling edition to Las Vegas Jared Polin see ya.