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Black and White or Color? Testing the Nikon 1 AW in Mexico

I am currently in Mexico on what I guess could be classified as a vacation “kinda”.

Click Here to download the RAW DNG file..

There are other like minded people that I am spending time with who are amazing at what they do and are willing to share what makes them a success. Everyone is so willing to help and I am right there with them.

Since I knew there would be some underwater type activities while down here, I brought the Nikon 1 AW with it’s kit lens 11-27.5mm. This similar to the other Nikon 1 cameras except that it is shockproof and can go underwater up to 49 feet.

Yes, you can change the lenses though Nikon only has something two or three lenses for this system. In theory it’s a really great concept but in practicality it’s not an easy camera to use outside of the auto or program modes. I’ll explain more on that probably on the next RAWtalk.

I knew I wanted to photograph someone in the ocean with just their eyes above the water. One of the people down here is an awesome guy named Drew Canole. He has a website called FitLife dot TV, give it a search and let me know what you think.

Since Drew is a good looking guy I asked him if I could take his photo in the ocean. I directed him slightly as I had a specific vision for the photo.

Of course when I found the image I liked I started editing it in color because of Drew’s blue eyes, the blue water and the overcast soft lighting on his face. But of course I had to click the black and white button and see what a contrasty portrait would look like.

My question to you is which do you think works best, the color or the black and white?

Nikon 1 AW Nikon 11-27.5 at 21.5mm
1/500th at F5 ISO 200
Shot RAW, Not Cropped, Edited in Adobe LR CC