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I had a Minor ISSUE with my BlackRapid but I found a KILLER Solution

Let me first say that this is not really an issue that puts any of your gear at risk. It is more of a simple solution to make your BlackRapid Strap even better!!!!

For the past few years I have been using my BlackRapid straps and have loved them every step of the way. But I always noticed one slight issue when I was attempting to change my lenses. What would happen is I would hold the camera in one hand which took all the tension of the strap and the shoulder part would slip off to the side. No remember what I am saying here, the camera was in my hand so at no time was my camera in danger. In fact when you are standing and holding your camera or letting it dangle this is not even an issue.

What would happen is I would have to rearrange the strap every time I stood back up. This was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

But there is a simple solution that takes this strap to an entirely different level of comfort. Stephen brought to my attention that he had the same issue and all he did was simply reverse the Brad. Now instead of it going under the left arm, it goes under the right arm.

Now the strap is secure to your body and no matter what you do it no longer will slip to the side when you bend down to change lenses.


This is a simple change you can make on your own. It may take a few minutes to reverse it but once thats done you are all set.