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This is the ACCESS I would KILL FOR "Fearless Genius" : From My Bookshelf

Isn’t all access what we all want? I know I love getting all access to places that other photographers don’t get access to. The one thing you never will mow until a much later time is if you have all access to history.

In this case Photographer Doug Menuez worked his way in to get all ACCESS to some of the tech visionaries of our time. He was there with Steve Jobs as he started NEXT, he was there with Intel founders as well as many other companies that we all know by name today.

When I looked at the photos in “Fearless Genius” I sit there in awe of the access and history that he made with his images. I get asked all the time what inspires me or what do I do when I am in a photographic rut? The simple answer is I look at photo books and instantly find inspiration.

Book description from Amazon, Click Here to purchase: An eye-opening chronicle of the Silicon Valley technology boom, capturing key moments in the careers of Steve Jobs and more than seventy other leading innovators as they created today’s digital world

In the spring of 1985, a technological revolution was under way in Silicon Valley, and documentary photographer Doug Menuez was there in search of a story—something big. At the same time, Steve Jobs was being forced out of his beloved Apple and starting over with a new company, NeXT Computer. His goal was to build a supercomputer with the power to transform education. Menuez had found his story: he proposed to photograph Jobs and his extraordinary team as they built this new computer, from conception to product launch.