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EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Breaking Down the SILVERTIDE Concert Photos

In this 40 min long video I break down as many of the 167 keepers from my day spent behind the scenes capturing Silvertide.

You will see everything form the settings to lenses used as well as hear the ins and outs of each image I captured.

The shoot was not all positive though, I had major back focus issues with my Nikon D4 which lead to me having to send it back into Nikon to be looked at. There are images that I captured that I just don’t think could be blown up to as large as I like them because they are off.

If an image is off for me as in not tack sharp I really feel like the image is not useful.

If this back focusing issue continue I may need to downgrade back to the D3s where I never had an issue or look at a Canon 1dx and see how that handles.