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Canon EOS R Hands On PHOTO SHOOT | NOT What I EXPECTED... Switch to SONY?

This is a HANDS ON PREVIEW of the Canon EOS R, new RF lenses and lens adapters. This is NOT A REVIEW just yet, that will be coming in the future. Should you sell all your Canon gear and move to Nikon or Sony or do you stick it out?

Here’s my take so far, this camera gets a lot right while still disappointing in some ways. But, I think it’s a very good start and will only lead to better future cameras. Now’s not the time to switch.

I pulled 8 RAW files for you to play with that span base ISO Portraits, adapted Lenses, Super Low Light and high dynamic range scenes. I also included images captured with a pre production Canon 28-70 F2 and the production 50mm F1.2 RF lens.

*UPDATE* I had to remove the RAW files taken with the 28-70 F2 at Canon’s request because the lens was a sample unit and not a production unit.

Sample RAW files

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