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CANON Gave Me NINE Cameras To Keep: Postman Fro

This video is brought to you by CANON who gave me these nine cameras to install at the FroFactory. For more information on Canon Network Cameras please go here

Canon and I are working together on this project which is why I get to keep the cameras. I get the cameras, they get promotion. It’s not like Canon just gave me the cameras for nothing, we worked out a deal.

Postman FRO dropped off some really cool toys from Canon that we get to keep since we are installing them at the FroFactory. I personally do not know much about Network Cameras but figured Canon probably did and I was right.

Canon has an entire division dedicated to Network Cameras to help protect your properties, businesses or even military locations.

When Canon said they would send me the cameras for the FroFactory I had no idea they one were built so well and two that they powered over ethernet!!!

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