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Canon RF 100-300 2.8 REVIEW: NOT Worth $10,000 or a DREAM Lens?!

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The Canon RF 100-300 2.8 is pretty much the lens many photographers have been dreaming about for years. It’s a lens that covers not only an important range for many photographers but is a fixed 2.8. We’ve seen attempts by Sigma and Nikon for years to have super zooms with fast 2.8 apertures. The sigma versions always lacked in sharpness, and Nikon’s version being a 180-300 2.8, was super sharp, extremely heavy and LATE to the game.

Well, here we are with a Canon RF 100-300 2.8 that breaks the bank at $9,500. Is it worth the money, or does it fall short? This is my Real World Review.

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