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Canon VS Nikon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

Canon VS Nikon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle 2017.

Canon vs Nikon the Ultimate battle to decide which one you should buy. This is always the question that fills my inbox, “Which camera is better, Canon or Nikon?”. I decided to put together a video that discusses all the FULL Frame models against their counterparts on both sides. This video is current as of Nov 2017

Nikon D5 Real World Review
Canon 1DX Mark II Real World Review
Nikon D850 Real World Review
Canon 5D Mark IV Real World Review
Nikon D750 Real World Review
Canon 6D Mark II Real World Review

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I want to point out that this time around it’s just Nikon and Canon and in the future there will be other brands added to the battle.

The goal with this video is to put the cameras head to head and give you the pros and cons of each based on the specs. It is up to you to decide which one is for you or not for you. I know this is not an easy decision so I hope this video helps you decide.