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FroKnowsPhoto 2012 CES Coverage

I made the trip to CES 2012 out in Las Vegas not just to cover the NEW Photo Gear but to check out everything else at CES.

I got to sniff test, joke around, walk around and try out some very cool toys that will be on their way very soon to market.

There is a full on sniff test and hands on of the NEW NIKON D4, Canon C300, a delorian and some booth babse!!!

Here is the BONUS DANCE video with the Berhinger Booth babes. If you would like the FroKnowsPhoto Song please sign up for the Fro Email list on the right hand side and you will get the MP3 for FREE. If you would like the NEW FRO Dance MIX please click the “LIKE” button. If this hits 500 Likes I will e mail out the NEW DANCE Mix MP3. That is the loudest made ipod boom box in the world by Behringer called the inuke. It is a $30,000 Ipod / Iphone music dock.