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Chicago FrotoWALK May 17th 2012

I will be heading to Chicago for a quick two days on May 16th and 17th with my dad. I will be going to the Phillies game on the 16th and hopefully getting access to Wriggly field early to make a 5 min portrait video.

I figured why not hold a FrotoWALK while I am there. The FrotoWALK will be on May 17th 2012 starting at 12 NOON @ the BEAN. I know you guys all know where that is, if not google it, you can not miss it.

Please fill out the form below so I can get a general idea for how many people will be joining us. Be sure to wear your FRO and I SHOOT RAW gear and lets have a great few hours!!!!

[contact-form-7 id=”9626″ title=”Chicago FrotoWalk Signup”] chichago frotowalk.