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POTW Concert Photography - Nikon D3S 10,000 ISO

At a recent concert I was photographing in the pit and decided to turn the camera on a photographer friend. It is always a good idea to look around you wherever you are shooting. There is so much going on that you sometimes get fixated on the main subject when there are actually a ton of other things you could photograph. This photo is a prime example of that.

I stopped shooting for a moment and diverted my focus away from the stage and noticed Michael extremely focused on what he was shooting. You know how I always mention that I see the image before it happens, well thats what happened here. I saw the image in my mind and than figured out how to capture it all in a few seconds.

I could not have planed what happened next to make this a killer image. I actually did not notice it until I was home editing the images a day later. Michael’s LCD screen had turned on while shooting which lit up a small portion of his eye. Just that little but of light created interest in the image where without it the image would have been boring.

Some people would call this a “lucky shot” or that I got lucky to get this. I am not a believer that luck played a part in this being a great image. I like to say that you have to be good to get lucky, you make your own luck. What I mean by you have to be good to get lucky is, you put yourself into the right situation, you were prepared for that moment and you captured it. Just because you captured something that you did not expect doesn’t make that image lucky it makes you good, remember that.

Enjoy this image captured with the
Nikon D3S Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II
1/125 F/2.8 ISO 10,000