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The WINNER of the Nikon D600 or Canon 6D is...

San Francisco Boot Camp

After Randomly selecting a number that corresponded with a name on a spreadsheet of all entries via purchases and no purchase necessary the winner of the CONTEST IS……Mark Arnold of New Jersey, USA.

So you know, I e mailed Mark and first asked him how he is doing and if I could get his phone number as to not tip him off. I do randomly e mail readers out of the blue from time to time just to see what is going on.

After calling Mark we found out that he has been without power since Sandy hit. After some small talk I told him he won and asked which camera he would like. Since he is a Canon shooter he is going to go with the Canon 6D which is going to be a great camera!!!

A big thank you to everyone who entered for free and to those who purchased the beginner guide.

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