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I Don't Leave Home Without One Of These

How many times have you wished you were able to attach a flash, GoPro or other random items somewhere during a photo shoot?

I have a small army of gadgets that I don’t leave home without to help me do just that. There are a few companies making items that will help you solve many problems in the field.

One of these items is the gorilla pod. I have an entire bag full of their products. There are also companies out there that make similar products to the gorilla pod.

I have the huge heavy one with a ball head that is great for holding a larger DSLR with lens as well as wrapping it around a tree or larger objects. They also make a variety of smaller ones, some with magnets on their feet and others with small ball heads. Depending on how much weight you need to put on them a simple flash or GoPro will work perfectly.

There are also a few Gorilla Pods that have led lights on them. I did not have one shown in this video but when you need some light while shooting and don’t have an extra hand this will come in handy.

The final item I don’t leave home without is Gaff Tape. This stuff is so versatile, you can use it for some many different things. When you need to attach one thing to another or tape something to the wall or hold something up, GAFFF TAPE is the answer.

These are just a few items that can be in my bag that come in handy.