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Flea Market FIND Nikon F2

Flea Market Find

I went out to the Punk Rock Flea Market to not knowing what I would find. I saw a bunch of Polaroids and one booth selling the imposible project film with it. I already own a bunch of those cameras so I kept moving on.

Oh before I get back to my flea market find I want to point out a good piece of marketing one booth did. After walking in a girl handed me a flier with directions to a booth that said Vintage Clothes, Trapper Keepers, POLAROIDS and FREE Soft Pretzels. Now if the FREE soft pretzel was not enough they got me to go to their booth first for the TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!!.

I would say there were about 75 tables selling everything from arts and crafts to vintage toys to records and clothes. Not much was peaking my interest until I saw this girl holding an SLR trying to figure out what it was. I went over and was like hmmm that looks like a Nikon F3. As I looked more I knew it was not an F3 and figured it was an F or something along those lines.

Since that girl was holding it and fond it first I asked if she wanted it. She said no and handed it to me to give it a look. At first I thought it was just the camera but it turns out there was a full camera bag of goodies that would come with it. It looked very clean, seemed to work and still had a loaded roll of film in it.

I asked the lady behind the table what she wanted for it and said it was marked $40. I gave out an ooooo just for fun and I asked what’s the best you can do, she responded $35. I made it seem like I wasn’t sure but I kept on looking at the camera. Right before I was going to pull the trigger and hand over $35 I noticed it had a 50 F1.4 mounted. Honestly even if the thing didn’t work it still would have been worth $35.

I have to say my hours of watching American Pickers really paid off here. I used all of the little things they say to try and get a better price. Look, I was not going to walk away from this for $5 as it was a really cool set up.

Now that I am back at the loft I sat down to look through the case and see what it is I actually purchased. First tings first I checked out the camera, it was clean, the shutter worked and all the pieces were there. Next I opened the bag to find the user manual that said Nikon F2!!!!! As I dug deeper I found another lens, this lens was even cleaner than the 50mm, it was a Nikon 105 F2.5. Ive honestly never heard of this lens but I figured it must have been a killer primer.

All and all I am very happy with this Flea Market Find and I am proud to add this to the collection of my Nikon F Cameras.