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The GRID will never be the same

On my birthday, January 21st I was on Scott Kelby’s “the GRID” show. What I can tell you is the GRID will never be the same again!!!! I want to thank Scott for having me on his show, I had a great time and got to sit down with him for an interview for a future RAWtalk.

If you missed the LIVE broadcast don’t worry, I posted the entire show video below for you to enjoy. After the show Stephen told me it seemed like I didn’t hit my stride until thirty minutes in or so.

I think one of the reasons for that is that it’s not my show and I should not take it over. But between breaks we had a little talk and after that it was time to spice it up. What made this a great show is the fact that we had people with different opinions not afraid to share them. I disagreed with them and they disagreed with me and we had a civil conversation.

Sit back and enjoy the show because the GRID will never be the same.