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Canon’s CRAZY For Giving these AWAY!!!

I had an idea to try and sell 365 prints in 2019, aka 1 print a day. Then I decided it would be more fun to give the prints away and try to find a sponsor for the project. I reached out to Canon’s Printer who were more than happy to sponsor me giving away all 365 prints. All 365 prints were printed on the Canon Pro 1000 Inkjet Printer which I’ve been using for years.

You may be wondering if all the pictures printed were shot on Canon cameras? The answer is no, I used images capture with Canon’s, Nikon’s and various other types of cameras. That’s the great thing about these printers, regardless of the system you shoot with, your images will look amazing when printed on the Pro 1000. You can check out a full Real World Review of the Canon Pro 1000 that we created when the printer was released.

In order to be eligible to win a FREE print, you must submit your mailing address. Your address WILL NOT be shared with Canon or used for anything other than shipping a print to you if you’re selected at random. Please be sure to read the giveaway rules which are linked below. This giveaway is open to the entire world except where restrictions might apply.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR ADDRESS and don’t forget you can score a lot of entries to win, down below.

I will be listing the winners and sharing images of the prints throughout the year via instagram and insta stories. Please make sure your following me on Instagram Right Here.

FroKnowsPhoto 365 Print Giveaway (Sponsored by Canon Printers)