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FroKnowsPhoto Rapid Fire Critique #006

A few weeks back on a Rapid Fire Skype Call Liam asked if I would critique some of his photos. Liam is a very young photographer just finding his way but who is on the right path. I thought his first critique went very well, you could see that he was trying to find his style. I noticed that he put a lot of emphasis on post processing tricks which is a normal occurrence for someone just starting out.

I wanted to remind him to let his images stand for themselves without having to rely on post processing to heavily. What you could tell from his images is that he is really trying hard, he wants to learn photography and take it to the next level.

Last week Liam skyped me again and said he had 10 new pictures he would like me to critique. I asked him if it was ok if we recorded it again so we can follow his progress. This time around he started off with a bang, his first few images were just spectacular. He mentioned that he borrowed someones Nikon D300 and 17-55 and just went to town shooting. In a two week period you can see that he took the critique that we did and put it into action. Be sure to watch the video below and you will see the progress that Liam is having. I hope to continue following his journey and help out any way that I can.

To sign up for a Rapid Fire Critique please e mail with the subject line Rapid Fire Critique. Be sure to include a link to your 10 best images for review along with your SKYPE name for recording the call.