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From a Basic Canon Rebel XSI to 6D this photographer is on their way- Rapid Fire Critique

Growing as an artist and photographer can be a slow progression. What I really enjoyed seeing in this Rapid Fire Critique was that the photographer went from the Canon Rebel XSI to a Canon 6D.

You can see how the quality of the images changed over the set of images. Now I am not saying the quality changed because of the gear I am saying that the photographer was growing and capturing more interesting images.

This set showcases mostly keepers with a few of the images being head scratchers. Most of the images are close and with small tweaks will turn into really solid images. For example the Captain America shirt photo, it’s exposure is spot on but the subject is not connected in the image and the stair way is creeping into the side of the image. With a small tweak and some direction to the model the image would end up being a winner.

All and all really nice job, I look forward to seeing you progression.

Don’t forget that I do get hundreds of submissions a week and will not be able to critique everyones work. It is possible in the future that I will be adding a members section to the website where more critiques may be possible.

Thanks for watching and thank you to AdoramaPIX for supporting the critiques.