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If I could emulate ONE Portrait Photographer, It would be this guy

When I was introduced to Martin Schoeller’s “Portraits” I was absolutely blown away. The depth of his images are immense. From the emotion he captures down to the perfect lighting and moments captured.

It’s one thing to to everything I listed above but to do it time and time again with the biggest names in the world from celebrities to politicians to musicians and athletes is astonishing.

This is a large hardback book that is selling for just over $80 but I can tell you that it is one of the favorites that sits on my shelf. If you love portraits or you simply love photography this book is a must have.

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Description from amazon: Building on the success of his previous titles, Close Up and Identical, Martin Schoeller’s momentous Portraits is cause for celebration.

The illustrious photographer’s full range of expression is on display in this unprecedented gathering of editorial images. With an impressive amount of variety and scale,

Schoeller shares his signature compositional imagination alongside the wry wit that animates his work. Whether portraits of political leaders, Hollywood stars, business entrepreneurs, or contemporary music royalty, these images are as daring as they are exacting, playful and precise.

Regardless of the subject and setting, Schoeller’s photographs seemingly come to life. While Portraits will surely thrill devoted fans, it will also attract new admirers with images they’ve noted in top magazines. Every frame in this expansive volume is touched with Schoeller’s distinctive flare for creative meticulously realized worlds–and confirm that he’s a talent that consistently resets the limits of photographic portraiture.