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From My Bookshelf - Vivian Maier

I first heard about Vivian from Adam Lerner when he told me he was going to see the curator of her work speak. He told me the back story and how amazing her work was. I ordered the book sight unseen based solely on Adam telling me how amazing the work was.

Vivians back story is very plain but it also explains so much about the type of work she captured. As you will see from her work she captured a lot of affluent woman as well as people that were down and out. She also had a thing for self portraits. My favorite self portrait was one she captured of a guy moving mirrors from a truck while she waited on the street for the perfect moment to shoot.

There are some gallery shows coming up in both NYC and LA which if you get a chance I think you should check out. In the meantime to learn more about Vivian Maier and the collection that was saved please check out the web site in her name .

I really enjoyed this photo book, if you are interested in picking one up you can do so by clicking the photo below.