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A beautiful day for a Froto Walk and to WIN a BlackRapid RS-7

TO SEE THE IMAGES FROM THE FrotoWalk or if you have images form the walk please post them and CLICK HERE

First EVER FroKnowsPhoto Froto Walk

I am getting ready to head down to the pre Froto Walk concert and to meet up with some Fro readers. It is a beautiful day for a January, it is 50 degrees and sunny.

We are expecting a very large turn out for this first ever FREE Froto Walk and I will be sure to bring you as many pictures and videos as possible.

I asked BlackRapid for 5 straps and they sent 3 RS-7’s and 2 RS-W1’s. I decided that instead of giving out all 5 straps to people who came to the photo walk I will give away 1 RS-7 to one of you guys.

Here is what I am looking for you to do to enter, anyone can enter to win. Please leave a detailed comment below in the facebook comment box answering this question. If you could go photograph anywhere in the world with your NEW RS-7 where would you go and why? While you are at it please click the “LIKE” button on the left hand side of the page. If we get 1,000 “LIKES” maybe BlackRapid will let me give away a second strap.

Contest will end om Saturday Feb 3rd 2012.

Look what came in the mail for Froto walk.