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GigaPan Epic Pro Unboxing

I got an e mail from someone over at GigPan asking me if I would like to test it out. Now thats an offer I am not going to turn down, mind you I do not get to keep it, it must go back in two months.

I have heard of and seen GigaPans ever since that amazing one from the first Obama inauguration. For those who don’t know what a GigaPan is or what it does please let me explain.

The GigaPan is a computerized unit that allows you to capture images that then are stiched together to create one large image. The benefit here is you can zoom in on all the areas of an image to see what is going on. Check out the test image below that is comprised of 25 images.

I have been testing out the GigaPan for a few days now and will come up with a full review for you in the future. It is pretty amazing what this unit allows you to capture. Mind you the price tag is $895 which may sound expensive but this unit should make you money.

If you are an interror photographer you can create 360 degree images that can be used for walk throughs. I can also see using these for large sporting events and creating amazing posters of landmarks.

This was just a test, no images were color corrected or tweaked. They are the RAW files exported out of lightroom then stiched together using the GigaPAN Stich software.

This image is made up of 5 Rows and 5 columns for 25 total images. I will have a full rundown of how this all works in a review video.

You can interact with the image below.

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