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Google+ Hangout Video #001

We have all heard about Google+ as it is growing rapidly fast. Yesterday on a whim I decided to log into my account which you can find by searching for Jared Polin (you will see the fro logo and a large circle) and start a Hangout.

As we are all new to Google+ I want to explain what a hangout is. You can start a hangout with friends or open one up to the public. Inside a hangout you can have a video and audio chat with up to ten people at a time. It is a pretty cool way to have a conversation or to answer questions.

So I opened up the first hangout yesterday and the first people in before it fills are the ones who take part in the call. I am pretty sure this will replace doing rapid fire skype calls as it is much easier to set up and get people involved in.

In this first video we had people from all around the country and a few people from out of the country. I opened it up for questions and comments and I think the call went very well. In the future I may set it up where you get to ask a question and than after you get an answer you leave the hangout to make room for the next person in line.

Check out the video below and be sure to add me to your circle.