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Concert Photography - Grouplove LIVE

Last week I WON a radio contest to have the band Grouplove play my loft. The contest was pretty simple in my mind and I knew that if I entered I would win. How could I be so confident that I would win you may ask? Well the contest called for you to “take a picture of your stage” and maybe Grouplove will come play it. I think you guys know that I have a stage in the loft thus why I was so confident I would win.

In this video you are going to see the LIVE show that I shot with Grouplove. As it turns out I did not have a photo pass for the show but after the band saw all of the work on my walls one thing led to another and I asked if they would like me to shoot their show. I asked that they let me shoot the entire set to which they responded that they don’t understand the three song rule to begin with. I did ask if I could shoot form the stage but this time around that was a no go which is perfectly fine as hopefully next time I will.

I honestly did not know what to expect before this show started, would these guys come out and just play their music or would they blow the roof off with energy? The straight up truth was that these guys came to play and play they did. They amount of energy they brought to the stage is something that I have not seen in a long time since seeing Walt Lafty was running, climbing and hanging upside down from trusses with Silvertide.

Grouplove LIVE in Philly FroKnowsPhoto

The lighting was absolutely amazing and at times a little over powering which I know is strange to say. Having the ability to photograph a full set allows me to run threw each of the lenses in my bag and capture different angles without having to rush. It also allows me to start to see what each member does on stage. This is how I was able to capture some amazing jumping and head banging shots.

I am very very happy with the images I captured for the first time seeing these guys play. I now have a very good understand what to expect the next time we encounter each other. My goal is to spend a few days on their bus capturing not only the LIVE shows but the behind the scenes stories that I so love to capture. Of course if I end up getting on the road I will be sure to film a bunch of killer content to let you in on the life on the road.

If you have not checked out Grouplove yet you should check them out on Spotify right now!!! I will tell you this, you MUST SEE THIS BAND LIVE their CD is very good but they are a KILLER LIVE BAND.