If you want to shoot better photos...

Give Me Just 3 Hours and You’ll Be Shooting Like a Pro -- Guaranteed!

Put An End to Dull Colors, Fuzzy Shots and “Unprofessional” Looking Photos Easily and Permanently

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If you’re ready to finally go beyond the typical “point and shoot” approach so you can shoot jaw dropping photos in any situation with ease and confidence, then I’ll show you how in just 3 hours...

If that’s hard for you to believe, stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll prove to you how easy it is. 

In fact, before you get to the bottom of this page I will show you three SIMPLE tips that will immediately improve the quality of your photos in less than 15 minutes...

Now, if you’ve ever taken photography courses before or you’re afraid to take one for fear of being buried in endless amounts of information, then I understand.

I know firsthand that most other photography programs and courses are either daunting, overwhelming, or just flat out BORING!

The good news is that I’m about to show you a small number of easy techniques and concepts that are guaranteed to make a MASSIVE difference in the quality of your photography…

The best part? You can start using ALL of them as soon as this afternoon! 

Today marks the last day that you will ever get “just okay” or “decent enough” photos. You will also finally be able to venture out of your camera's “auto” mode because you won’t need it anymore!

My name is Jared Polin and I’ve been a passionate photographer since I was 13 years old.[picture of Jared when he was 13 or very young with a camera]

Over the last 20 years I’ve climbed to the top of the photography profession through A LOT of hard work.

Along my journey as a professional photographer I uncovered some massive shortcuts to getting really good at photography REALLY fast…

These shortcuts are so powerful I wish I knew them 20 years ago.

I would have saved hundreds of hours of learning and tons of frustration…

if I could go back in time and only spend a few hours teaching myself...what you’re about to see is EXACTLY what I would cover!

Hang with me for a few minutes because I’m not holding ANYTHING back.

(Yes, I’m going to share ALL of these shortcuts with you…)

I started early...when I was 15 I was paid to take photos every month for a popular sports magazine called Beckett Magazine

Then at 16 I became an official photographer for the local pro hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers…

After that I was commissioned to shoot pro sports teams like the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team and the Philadelphia Sixers basketball team along with the local newspapers...

I even had the privilege of being the official event photographer for a major international tennis tournament put on by the United States Tennis Association...[slider of images Jared took in sports]

I Also Got PAID to Shoot Rockstars

Then I started shooting music…

I was published in Rolling Stone magazine (many times), SPIN magazine and many others…

[magazine ribbon of magazine logos jared has been published in]

While shooting music I had the pleasure of working with many popular bands and artists like:

Norah Jones, Kanye West, Perry Farrell, Six Doors Down, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Theory of a Dead Man, and Shinedown...just to name a few.

[show pictures jared took from these artists with headings underneath (i.e. me shooting kanye west -- John Mayer, I shot this for SPIN magazine, etc) in a slider]

I’m not going to lie: getting to this point was not easy. If I only knew then what I know now. Because today, I have a way to make it easy for you...

The Simplest Way to Master ANY Camera

After my journey as a professional photographer I boiled down everything you need to know into a very simple and easy to use system which will help you master ANY digital camera.

When I say SIMPLE and EASY I really mean it. This system is so step-by-step and failproof that it has never failed ANY of my students.

Not only that, if you don’t have a DSLR but just an ordinary camera, it will work great for that too.

In just a matter of 3 short hours, I can show you my most powerful photography secrets...and how to use my system to start shooting your best photos ever. Now, don’t get me wrong, you may not be ready for Rolling Stone or the USTA after going through my system...but you’ll be good...REALLY good, just like...[sidebar testimonials]

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to photography right now…

...or if you’ve been shooting for years but know you could be doing better.

I developed this fast track system while helping at least 397,908 photographers shoot great photos. This guide hones in on EXACTLY what helped them advance their skills and the quality of their photos the most.

[show social proof of students - youtube subscribers, email list, website visitors, jared teaching a class, etc -- show photos students have taken? magazine quality...]

And, unlike EVERY OTHER photography training out there...

I Have Banned Boredom From My Course!

The truth is that there are A LOT of photography teachers out there you can *try* to learn from.

But, the sad reality is that most will bore you to death and drown you in unimportant details instead of getting you out there and SHOOTING great photos QUICKLY…

Most other courses and training programs will bore you so much you won’t get through the first lesson!

While helping nearly half a million photographers transform their photography skills, I have relentlessly refined my approach to make it as streamlined as possible for you.

After teaching so many people I realized that...

There are only 12 easy to learn techniques you need to know to instantly take your photo quality from amateur looking to professional.

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These 12 things are what I want to share with you today.

If you’re ready for your pictures to...

  • Have razor sharp focus every single time
  • Always be PERFECTLY exposed, regardless of the lighting
  • Tell a real story that gets attention
  • Be vibrant, colorful, and jawdropping

Then this is exactly what you’ve been searching for...

If I were to sit down with you and train you one on one I’m 100% confident that I can show you how to take an amazing, properly exposed photo within just a few minutes after taking only a handful of photos.

(Regardless of how new you are or how “bad” you think your photography skills might be right now…)

Here’s all you need to know: what I would teach you in that one on one session covers the core basics of my system.

How I Learned the Hard Way To Make It Easy For You

//tell a story specifically about how Jared learned the hard way specifically about a mentor who beat him up, or a time he forgot to put film in a camera, or the time he completely forgot about 4 mistakes and got kicked out of the baseball stadium, etc. Something really embarrassing or painful….something dramatic that shows the motivation of vowing never to make the same mistakes again (beckett story about the photos being unusable and the editor giving him flack?) (listen to garfinkel recording)

I’ll be the first person to admit that there are many different ways to learn how to be a better photographer.

But, in all of my years as a student and teacher I’ve never found a single method or training program that will ramp up the quality of your photos faster than mine.

That’s because unlike many other teachers, I get right down to business and cut out all the unnecessary fluff that you don’t need...while making sure you’re having fun every step of the way.

I vow to only show you the EXACTLY what you need to know to shoot great photos TODAY...explained in the simplest and most immediately ready to use way.

like this for example…[preview of guide - how to freeze motion?][testimonial related to other training programs -- maybe related to tip above? (i.e. i spend hours trying to understand shutter speed..Jared made it so easy!)]

When Taking Pictures Don’t Let This Happen to You

Have you ever “missed the moment” because you didn’t know how to set your camera properly? Maybe when your kid scored the winning point or you missed an opportunity for a great photo at the zoo?

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation more than once where the moment escaped you because you couldn’t get your camera ready in time. We’ve all been there, but that never has to happen to you again.

Whether you like shooting…

  • Sunsets & landscapes
  • Your kids running around
  • Sports
  • ...
  • ..., or
  • Whatever you see around you...
  • [turn these into image bullet]

Today marks the first day you will NEVER AGAIN miss a once-in-a-lifetime moment...

Shoot Like a Pro -- It’s Easier Than You Think!

Do you wish you could shoot photos like these breathtaking magazine spreads?[slider showing examples of magazine quality photos Jared took]

Even if you just want to take better family photos or shoot photos of your friends that they will cherish forever, this is still going to be life changing for you…

//reason why copy -- why is this going to be so easy for ME? (i.e. all you need to know to shoot your first photo is how to do x, x, and x (exposure triangle?)...which we cover at x:xx in the course..., the second thing you need to know is how to do x, which we I show you at xx:xx in the course... ) Give simplistic explanation of how it will work so they say to themselves “that is easy!”

[Family photo slider]

How Better Cameras Have Actually Made Quality Photography More Complicated For You

//add but it’s not your fault

In the last 10 years cameras have become significantly more complicated…

...and as a result so much more is possible for you as a photographer...but you have to know how to use the tools at your disposal properly to get the EXACT shots you want in any situation.[show a picture of the dial on the camera -- caption: which one do you choose? when? how? how do you know what to do?]

If you’re like most photographers, right now the settings on your camera might look like Greek to you. And you might stick to the “auto” mode because you don’t know how the other shooting modes or settings work.

Which only leads to mediocre-at-best photos that you know could be significantly better...

But if you go through my system and master the 12 easy techniques you will never again “miss the moment” or feel unsure about what to do with your camera.

You will finally be able to make the right decision quickly and confidently in any situation...and as a result you’ll end up with photos that you’re extremely proud of and love showing off…

You’re only 3 short hours away from taking the same type and quality of photos that you see proudly displayed throughout this page.

My system will take the shackles off of your creative potential as a photographer and unlock the raw power sleeping in your digital camera...once and for all.

My system is for anyone who:

  • Just got their first camera and doesn’t know where to start
  • Has been shooting for months or years but know they could be doing better
  • Is an aspiring professional that wants to hit the next level
  • Doesn’t fully understand their camera settings or how to use things like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and aperture to capture amazing photos

Instantly Beautiful Photos: Now Possible For You!

You can finally take beautiful, artistic, and breathtaking photos whenever -- and wherever you go...without the years and years of discouraging shots and lack of progress most photographers are used to...

I’m talking about the type of photos that blow your friends and family away and make them ask you “did you really take that?!

Next thing you know they’ll be asking you to take photos for them...even if you’re only shooting as a hobby!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an ambitious photographer looking to be in magazines and enjoy photography as a just “for fun” hobby, this guide will help you become very skilled with your camera without all the boring technical “know how” you don’t really need to know.[testimonial related to other courses being too technical/boring]

//imagine / future paced paragraph

I Can PROVE That You Can Do This, Even With The Most Inexpensive Cameras and Lenses!

You might be thinking that the photos I’ve shown you up until now are only possible with a top of the line camera…

But the truth is that I specifically designed this course to work for ANY level of photographer with ANY camera.

I prove that this is possible even with the most basic camera on the “Real World Photo Shoots” you’ll experience inside of my course…

I take you on four real photo shoots armed with nothing but an entry level camera that you can buy RIGHT NOW for a measly $360.

I did this to prove YOU can take breathtaking photos with whatever camera and gear you already have...knowing my system is far more important than having fancy gear![ example photos from real world photo shoots and 5 min portraits -- show the $360 camera next to the high quality photos]

I created The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto to be a COMPLETE step-by-step system to help you:

  • Use your camera to its FULLEST potential, no matter your skill level right now
  • Never again fear the manual settings again so you can capture amazing photos in any situation, and
  • Avoid the common mistakes that make learning photography a long, difficult and painful process for most photographers

The same easy to fix mistakes that are now making your photos blurry, improperly exposed, boring, colorless, or out of focus…

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto -- Here’s What You Get


  • Module 1: See the World. Learn how to view the world around you as a photographer...even if you don't have your camera with you.
  • Module 2: Camera Basics.
  • Module 3: Lenses Demystified.
  • Module 4: Composition Crash Course.
  • Module 5: The Truth About Cropping.

When You Order Right Now I’ll Even Give You These Awesome Deluxe Upgrade Bonuses...For FREE!

//bonuses in johnson boxes

If you’re ready for your photo to finally...

  • Look razor SHARP every single time
  • Always have PERFECT exposure, regardless of the environment or lighting
  • Tell a real story that GRABS people instead of taking mediocre “snapshots”
  • Be vibrant, colorful, and jaw dropping instead of lifeless and dull

Then this is going to be the best investment you will ever make in your photography:

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End your frustration instantly. Because if you leave this page right now you’re most likely going to continue to be frustrated with your photos and overwhelmed by the ocean of overly technical and boring photography training out there that doesn’t really help you take better photos rapidly. 

Consider this for a second:

Tonight you can either watch a movie or a few episodes of your favorite TV shows and be no closer to becoming a better photographer and taking great photos…

Or, you can give me just 3 hours of your time...even if it’s only 10 minutes a day for the next two weeks...and I’ll give you the keys to the photography kingdom, and show you the way to better photography in an easy to follow step-by-step format…

So you can finally unlock the true potential hiding inside of you and your camera...

Besides, I have another great reason you should try my fail-proof system today:

Your Purchase is 100% Covered By My “Iron Fro” Guarantee

When you order the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto today you have 60 full days to test drive the FULL program ON ME…

If you don’t LOVE The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto for any reason at all during the next 60 days I’ll refund EVERY PENNY of your purchase.

This guide has worked for over 10,308 of my students in 93 different countries around the world, which is exactly why I’m willing to offer you such a bold guarantee when you order today.

To put it simply: I VERY rarely have an “unhappy” customer and I know this system will transform your photography too!

And that’s exactly why I’m willing to take on all the risk.

So, if you’re ready to take action right now and let me show you the ropes and be your photography mentor then lets get started right now:

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Look, the bottom line is that I never want you to “miss the moment” again or end up with a memory card full of pictures you don’t love. We both know when you miss a chance at an amazing photo you can never get it back.

I want to take your photography skills to the next level right now, so you can gain the confidence and ability to never miss a shot or screw up a photo again....

The next time your kid does something cute you want to remember forever...or you come across a beautiful sunset...or you want to take a once-in-a-lifetime photo I want you to be armed with my system so you can capture any moment in any situation.

The time for you to finally get a handle on your digital camera is TODAY, so join me and the rest of us inside The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto on your journey to becoming a great photographer:

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Picture this:

After completing my short course (that you can finish in a single afternoon) your friends and family will always want you to be the one taking their photos.

You will instantly become the friend that everyone thinks is an extremely talented photographer...the one they always beg to take their photos…

They’ll ask you for prints...ask you to shoot their events...and show everyone the amazing photos you take for them that they will cherish for the rest of the life...that’s a pretty good feeling. 🙂

All you have to do is implement the 12 easy to understand techniques I’m going to show you in my system.

And, if you’re a professional and want to make more money with your photography, you’ll be able to take on more jobs, capture breathtaking photos, and take your career to the next level.

Or, if you’d like to started getting paid for photography this will be the key that unlocks that door.

I’ll even make you a second money back guarantee:

If this isn’t the most ENTERTAINING photography training you’ve ever experienced, I’ll also give you a FULL refund. What makes my style different is that instead of boring you to sleep I’ll make you laugh, give you tons of immediately actionable information, and make learning how to use your camera enjoyable

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Right now you have a decision to make, there are only two options you have right now as you read this...

Option #1: keep trying to figure out your camera on your own without my help...by watching YouTube videos, reading online, and poring over long boring books and other training programs that put you to sleep.

You might make some progress, but you’ll most likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated for months or years wondering why your photos aren’t getting any better at all…

Option #2: Let me take you under my wing, show you my system, and give you the tools you need to use your camera and confidently take ANY photo in ANY situation.

I will show you EVERYTHING in just 3 short hours. This option will save you endless frustration and time by drawing on my 20 years of professional experience as a photographer and a teacher.

If I were to teach you my system one on one in person it would cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of airfare, lodging, and other accommodations…

Yet, you’re going to get the EXACT same system I would teach you in person, only for a fraction of the price…

So, if you want to skip the hard part by:

  • Learning rapidly from a seasoned professional
  • Taking a MASSIVE shortcut, and
  • Start taking breathtaking photos as soon as this afternoon

See you inside,

Jared Polin AKA the FRO

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me? +

A: Then it's ALL FREE! You have 60 full days to put what I show you into action and if you don't feel that this guide TRANSFORMED your photography skills I'll give you a FULL refund. There's literally no risk to you and so much to gain from the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto.