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Guts and Glory The Golden Age of American Football: Neil Leifer from My Bookshelf

Neil Leifer has played a major roll in helping shape my photographic style. Since my teens I have been following his work, reading the stories behind his images and sitting in awe at what he created.

Guts and Glory is a small cross section of his photos that cover the NFL from 1958-1978. I am not the biggest fan of football but I love seeing images of it. I also know that photographing football is one of the toughest sports to capture.

The quality of this book is fantastic. As you know I love huge hardback books that are well printed and this is one of them.

Even if you are not into football these images are going to grab you. They are thick, gritty and expressive from a time where players left it all on the field. The glory days they truly were.

This is a book that I love having on my shelf and think you will love as well.