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Help me pick some Funky Sofa's

I need your help, I need to fill a studio space with some new furniture but not the basic run of the mill stuff. I want to fill this place with some Funky Sofa’s from .

First let me say this is not an advertisement for the web site. I have been looking at their site for years just waiting for the time where I actually have a need for some of their cool offerings. Well I finally have a need to fill a really cool space with some equally cool sofas.

This is where your help comes in, please help me decide what I should pick from . If you would pick three items for yourself and for my new studio what three things would you pick? Tell me what color your think I should get, what type of fabric and maybe even what other accessories do they offer that you think I should have?

After you check out their site be sure to come back here and leave your findings as a comment in the Facebook comment box.

Thank you guys so much for your help!!! You will be the first to see what colors and designs I went with as soon as my order comes in.