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Quick tip - How to change your DSLR Camera Lens

One question that comes in quite often is what is the proper way to change your lens? Along with that question people seem to have a concern about changing their lenses in the field.

In this video I explain how I change my camera lenses in the field and will explain here why I am not afraid to change them in the field.

This is my method for changing lenses, it does not make it the right way or the only way to change your lens.

1. Turn off the camera
You turn off the camera to stop all power going to the image sensor which may draw in some particles.

2. Tilt the camera down as you take the lens off
This will allow for gravity to take hold and let any particles fall out of the camera opposed to falling towards the image sensor.

2a. When I take the back cap off the lens that will be going onto the camera I make sure to put the back cap on the lens that I just took off.

3. Attach the new lens to the camera and make sure that the lens you just took off has its back cap on.

Am I afraid to change my lenses in the field? I have had people tell me they have two bodies and two lenses so they never have to change a lens and thus they will not get dust in their camera.

This is what I call being to “anal” there will always be dust, especially with some lenses that when zoomed suck in air or push air around the camera.

I am not afraid to change my lenses in the field, I use the same procedure as I have listed above. The only thing that changes is if the wind is blowing. If the wind is blowing I put my back to the wind to create a shield from particles that could blow into the camera.

If it is raining or drizzling you just use common sens when changing lenses, don’t let the camera face up so rain can drip in.

I am not afraid to change my lenses 30 times during a shoot. Just be careful and be smart when you are changing your lenses. If you think its to windy or dusty to change a lenses where you are try to find a better place to make the change. I will say when I was in Israel and crawling through sand and dust I still changed my lesnes.

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