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How To figure out your lenses 35mm equivalent

There is one question that I get asked all the time via e mail is how do I know what the focal length of my lens is when I put it on my cropped sensor camera. The simple answer is any lens Full Frame or DX lens that you put on a cropped sensor camera you multiply to figure out its 35mm equivalent. If you have the kit 18-55 on a nikon you multiply it by 1.5x which is 27-82.5mm in its 35mm equivalent. On a Canon you multiply it by 1.6x to get 28.8-53.4 in its 35mm equivalent. So every lens you put on the camera you multiply even if it is a FULL frame lens like a 50mm 1.4.

Can you put a full frame lens on a DX body? 100% YES is the answer. In fact the FX lenses tend to be even better on the DX bodies because you are only using the center portion of the lens which tends to be the sharpest. Can you put a DX lens on an FX camera. On the Nikon side you can but I don’t recommend doing it because you knock down your cameras megapixels. On Canons side you can not put your cropped sensor lenses on the full frame bodies.

I hope that answers that questions.

Make sure you are watching at the 1min mark to see some machine gun action with the Nikon F5.