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How to NEVER Miss Your Focus For Self Portraits

Here is a quick tip for how to never miss your focus for a self portrait or video.

As you know I have been making videos for the past few years. But what many people don’t know is how in the world do I get my focus so dead on when I am making videos with myself.

Everything I am about to say will apply for self portraits or videos that you will shoot of yourself.

When I first started I would prefocus on the back of the chair. But there is a problem with that. Being that I used a very shallow depth of field when I would sit in the chair the focus would be off. Why would it be off you may be asking? It would be off because I in essence focused behind me and not where it should have been on me.

The simple way around this was to prefocus on something that would more closely replicate my body. The answer was the mannequin that you see in the video above.

So now when I am making videos and no one is around to help me get my focus, I simply prefocus on something and lock the camera down.