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How To Get out of Auto and Into Manual


When many people start in photography they start off shooting in full auto because they are afraid to venture into manual. In this video you will see how easy it is to go from auto into manual. There is honestly nothing to be afraid of. You can use auto as a way to lead you into manual. The auto settings will get you close and the manual settings will give you more control.

What I noticed when shooting the Nikon D7000 in auto for this video is that it overrode my focus settings to put it into full auto and it was missing. The camera doesn’t know where I want to focus so why let it tell you. That is a different video all together explaining how to and where to put your focusing points.

The reason I suggest starting in auto and transitioning into manual is because auto gives you a base setting which will allow you to tweak your settings better in manual. You will see that its not very hard to make subtle changes in manual. As you will see in this video I tweak my settings based off of what auto told me they should be and I was able to make them even better.

Another reason for shooting RAW is to give you the ability to make slight corrections to your exposures as you start to learn how to get your settings close. The name of the game is to get your settings as right as possible in camera to give you the cleanest RAW file possible.

I have included the full res images from every shot that is in this video.