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How to USE a Reflector: Quick Tip Up on the ROOF

I take to the ROOF of the Loft to demonstrate how to use a 5 way reflector effectively.

There are times where you have to get a shot no matter the time of day and the lighting conditions. In this situation we did not have access to a flash. Instead we had to use a 5 way reflector to, diffuses light, bounce light and reflect light into our subject.

It is really simple to bounce light back into your subject to act as a fill when needed. Its also easy to use the 5 way as a diffuser to cut down on the amount of light that may be hitting your subject.

Ideally if you have an assistant to hold the reflector for you you will be better off. If you dont have one just ask the model to hold it and see how that works.

This has been a QUICK TIP from the ROOF.