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I need your Help

Greg and I had some time to sit and discuss the web site and read through
the suggestions you guys have been posting in the forum. We are about to
take some of those suggestions and make them into reality.

The site has been live for just over 2 months and has been growing steadily thanks
to all of you guys, This site is all about you the reader and could not survive
with out you.

We value everyone one of your opinions that is why we are asking
for your help and feedback. We just added a testimonial section to the forum.
Please follow this link and let us know how this page has helped you!!

Right now I can say that the forum will be getting a new design to allow for a
larger area to post as well as large images. We loved the idea of photo
scavenger hunts and also giving you some assignments to accomplish and post.

We are also working on longer more informative posts which may mean not
being able to put up a new post every day. But when these new posts come out
they will have a lot more information to help everyone.

You can find all the questions to the survey at the this link. (will take you to the forum to answer)

Thank you all very much for your feedback.