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I SHOOT RAW "Crush Jpeg" Shirt

WOW is all I can say about the response to a “Blind Pre Sale”. Thank you guys so much for taking a shot on the new shirt design which I really think you are going to LOVE!!!!

I also wanted to thank BlackRapid for supplying the straps for the FREE give away, thats right I said straps. Being that the person who was selected randomly was form the US I decided to choose someone from overseas as well to be a winner. Check out the video to see who the winners are.

For everyone who pre ordered I am looking at getting this shipped by the end of the week of the 24th. Heidi will be spending a few days getting all the packages ready and making sure to include all the special goodies you will be receiving for pre ordering. Since I really wanted to get these out as soon as possible and it is taking a few extra days I will be giving anyone who pre ordered one extra gift in their package.

Here is the NEW DESING called I SHOOT RAW “CRUSH JPEG”. If you would like to pick one up please click the image below.

I SHOOT RAW "Crush Jpeg" FroKnowsPhoto Shirt