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I STRAP THIS CAMERA to my head for every photo shoot…maybe you should too (Insta360 GO 3S)

This video is brought to you by Insta360. If you’d like to grab an Insta360 GO 3s, please use this link right here.

I’m a big fan of documenting my photo shoots. One issue I run into is I am on these shoots on my own and need to film myself. The good news is, for the past year I’ve been strapping the insta360 go 3 to my forehead to give people my first-person perspective when on photo shoots. On top of that, I also use Insta360’s One RS One Inch 360 camera to allow me to capture and reframe later.

The GO 3s is great to use to document your photo shoots, capture some action, capture angles you might not normally get due to it’s size. And all and all, it’s a great way to go hands-free and capture the world around you.

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This video was filmed with the Canon EOS R5 and RF Canon Lenses