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Ian Ruhter - When Dreams Collide

Ian Ruhter is what I would call a visionary photographer. I don’t use that term lightly, he has found something he loves and he has gone head first into it. He has created something very unique that makes him stand head above others in a noisy world of photographers.

That is what it takes, do something you love but don’t be afraid to be different. Will you succeed, not always but you pick yourself back up and try again. When you finally do succeed there is no other feeling better.

I an is back with another video chronicling his trip to Seattle with his big blue van to meet with Chase Jarvis. Chase is interviewed during “When Dreams Collide” and speaks some really true words. Really take a listen to what he says about being told he will never become a full time photographer. Listen to the sacrifice his wife made to allow him to follow his dream.

What do you have to loose, your dreams are meant to become a reality, its just a matter of figurring out how to make it all happen.

“In the process of preparing the time machine, I had no idea this would become one of the most extraordinary journeys to date. It would propel me into the future where I meet Chase Jarvis, one of the greatest photographers of all time. It would then send me back in time to meet with my old friend, Peter Line, the best snowboarder of this era.

All of a sudden I found myself in the present, making a picture of Ishmael Butler from the Diggable Planets. I had travelled the way you would in a dream, taking me backward into the future. A future where you paint with silver and light.”

CLICK HERE to hear the FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk I did with Ian.