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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations


At first, I was going to just do this for students but right now I think it’s important to help as many people as possible. That’s why i’ve decided to GIVE THIS GIFT TO anyone who wants it. I set up a FREE download of the guide right here . I also got a lot of requests from people who said they would like to support the giveaway by donating some money. At first, I opted not to accept the offers but people were insistent. So I built an option where you can pay whatever you want for the guide. It could be $1 it could be $20 or it could be nothing. This is all about giving the Gift of Photography. So thank you all for your support.

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As we all are attempting to deal with this new reality of quarantine and self-isolation, I wanted to do what I can do to help. If you’re a parent with a kid who’s out of school and you want to try and keep them busy with something creative.

I want to give you my 3 hour “Guide to Getting Out Of Auto” as a download for FREE. This also applies to college kids and honestly anyone sitting at home looking for something to do that’s productive. Please remember, i’m going to be sending to students and kids first before everyone else.

Please understand I might not be able to get to everyone who submits a form but I will do my best. I will leave this open for the next few days and reevaluate from there.

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