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Tremendous Infrared Time-Lapse Video

The Hidden World. from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.

Bruce Wayne did it again. He just released a new series called “The Hidden World” which turns out is a prequel to his amazing time-lapse called “The Day The Wonderland Stood Still”.

His story telling is fantastic. The way the still images come together to create a tory is truly breathtaking. The amount of work that goes into creating something like this is more than I would ever consider doing.

Below is the information that Bruce included with his video.

This is the latest installment to the wonderland series. This infrared time-lapse is actually a prequel to “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”. I started this project a few months before I started “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”, but wasn’t able to complete it until this year due to some of the locations being a bit harder to get to, the changing of the seasons and just being plain busy.

In this time-lapse video I wanted to introduce the hidden world of infrared photography and take you through a journey of my interpretation of “Wonderland”. The making of this video involved the use of various motion controlled devices and hyperlapse photography (which was incredibly challenging to shoot in the woods).

Footage was captured in Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Valley Park and Belleplain State Forest, all near or in the Philadelphia area.

For this Infrared video, I used a “Red filter” or sometimes referred to as the “Goldie filter” instead of a yellow filter I used in the last project. Like in the previous infrared time-lapse I used a “Full Spectrum Camera” to make this video.

Here is the time-lapse he mentioned above.

The Day Wonderland Stood Still… from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.