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Introducing FroKnowsPhoto 3.0

Lets face it, the old website design was not responsive, not intuitive, not fast and not mobile friendly. Well, as of right now that has all changed.

Over the past few months we have been redesigning the entire website from the ground up. My main goal was to create an “on demand” style front page that features each “show” that is available to watch. This way you can clearly see all the different types of content I offer.

On top of that we have cultivated “collections” of content to easily help you find the best of the best content with honors. This will be an on going and evolving section that will only get better with time.

The feature I am most proud of is the “responsive” design. This means no matter what size screen you are using or how large your window is, the content will scale with you.

With a lot of traffic shifting to “mobile” this site has to look and function amazingly well on your smartphone and tablets. I am proud to say that the mobile integration is amazing, go check it out.

Oh yea, how can I forget that the site has only one ad block for external ads. I made the decision to dump just about all outside banner ads to keep the site as clean as possible. The advertisers were not to happy but the clean design of the site is more important to me than anything else.

I hope you enjoy the Fro 3.0, please let me know what your favorite changes are so far. If you encounter any bugs or issues feel free to drop me a message on twitter or facebook

Thank you all for your continued support over the years.