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Jeruslam Israel Hotel Cribs Edition

It seems that everywhere I travel I like to do a CRIBS style room tour. On my recent trip to Israel there were some interesting things about the room at the Dan Boutique that I thought I should share with you. Most of those interesting things happened in the bathroom but I had to share them with you.

First off the room was much larger than the ones I stayed in in Europe. It wasn’t completely new but it did seem like it had a recent upgrade. But I am sure room tours may not be of the most interest that is why I will focus on telling you about the location.

The location was fantastic, you are a short cab ride or a 15 minute walk down to the old city. It was well worth the walk down the hill to get into the old markets and get to the western wall. It is always nice staying somewhere that is clean, modern, nice and close to the center of attention.

Now lets take a look at the bathroom. It had a nice shower cap and some strange bag for the ladies that I have never seen before. It had a half door that swung open for getting in and out of the shower which kind of made no sense. And finally, it had the largest tray for soap I have ever seen!!!

I did stay at one other place which was in Tela viv which I wish I made a tour of because it was like a little apartment. This hotel I considered to be a Rock and Roll modern place called The Diaghilev Live Art Boutique Hotel. Now this room was fantastic. A huge king sized bed, nice big modern sofas, beautiful view of the city and very very new.

Below you will be able to find some of my past cribs style edition videos. Thanks to Vibe Israel and Kinetis for making this trip happen.


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