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Fact - Ken Rockwell Reads

IT’S TRUE!!!!  I was looking at my google analytics yesterday and noticed that a lot of clicks were coming from  I finally found where the link was on his web page and it turns out he links to one of my unboxing videos from Allen’s Camera, this is what Ken had to say,

Ken Reads FroKnowsPhoto.comUnlike at retail, the cameras we buy from Adorama come from a huge automated warehouse in a different state from their retail store, so I know they’ve never been opened, passed around the store and handled (or dropped) by curious strangers before being put back in the box and passed-off as new. If your local store doesn’t have a used department, where do you think all the cameras and lenses that have been fondled at the counter go next week? Heaven? I love to buy floor samples — if they are priced as such, but since Nikon seals none of their boxes, the only way to know if its really new is to buy from an automated online dealer you trust.

First off I want to say THANK YOU to Ken for sending your readers to my web page. Second I want to welcome everyone who found FroKnowsPhoto from Ken’s site and say let the conversion begin. If any of you have any questions feel free to e mail or call me on skype, we can talk about RAW vs JPEG.

In response to “buying from an automated online dealer you trust” I am for supporting mom and pop stores like Allen’s camera who have been in business for over 30 years and continues to compete against the big guys. They may not be automated, they may not even have an e-commerce web site but when you call and Allen (the owner) picks up, that means something in this day and age!!!! 215.547.2841