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What is and Why You Should Use It

Have you ever had something stolen or known someone who had something stolen? I think the answer to that is yes, we all have known someone or personally had something stolen.

The question here is what would you do if you had your camera gear stolen? Most of us would call the police to file a report and hope that they contact local camera stores in the hope that someone tries to sell them.

Even worse, what if you don’t have the serial numbers of your gear, you will never be able to track down your gear and get it back.

Enter a place where you can upload and verify all any gear in your camera bag from lenses to bodies to laptops.

LensTag is a free site that becomes a repository for your camera gear and serial numbers. The hope is that more and more photographers start to utilize the site to make it the go to place to verify if gear is stolen.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your gear stolen you go into your lenstag page and mark the item as stolen. LensTag will create a page that gets indexed by google. If someone searches for that serial number they will find the page and see that the item is stolen.

This is a fantastic FREE service that I have already started to use and hope that you check out as well.