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Lil's 103rd Birthday Party

We just celebrated Lil’s 103rd birthday and 104th year on this earth. Wow, just think about that, think about the changes in the last 103 years?

Being born in 1910 means that maned flight was in its infancy. The automobile was something you only dreamed of owning and world wars had not happened yet.

That just scratches the surface of what history she has lived to see. The one thing that really resonates is that during the stock market crash of 29 she was old enough to be thrust into the workforce. Sure I know they started much younger than 19 back then. Just think how hard it must have been to be that age and have to live through something like that.

Lil doesn’t have a lot of family left other than my brother, dad, sister-in-law and a few nephews. But we do our best to get there each week to sit and talk with her.

She is doing very well, she has been taken off most of the medications she was on which really has proven be a great thing. She is back to eating her food opposed to pushing it away and she is a lot more talkative.

When you talk to some people about how old she is they say things like you must have great genes. The problem with that is she outlived her daughter by over 40 years at this point. It’s hard to tell people that but of course it comes to mind whenever someone says that.

But Lil wanted me to pass along her wishes for you. She just wants everyone to be happy and healthy and look out for each other.

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