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Look what came in the MAIL to REVIEW

When I heard about the RODE smartLav I instantly thought that this could be the answer to some many photographers need for wireless audio. First off this is a PREVIEW not a review as this item just came in the mail.

There are a few things that make me excited about this product. One is the fact that its only $60 opposed to my wireless Sony Mics that are $600. Second, this microphone plugs into your iPhone and many Android devices and records the audio to the RODE Rec App. I am excited because it is compatible with my iphone 3gs that is 32 gigs.

We all know that the built in microphones are terrible in DSLR cameras. They pick up every sound the camera makes from changing settings to the focus motors. My hope is that this smartLav fills a need for people who are on a budget and looking for better audio then what the camera offers.

Now it is time for me to put this mic to the test along with putting it up against my $600 wireless set up. If this pasts my sniff test this could be a must have item for your camera bag.

Do you own any RODE mics? If so which one and what to you think?