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Rock and Roll Stories Lynn Goldsmith: From My Bookshelf

They don’t make Rock and Roll Photographers like they used to. Lynn Goldsmith’s photo book Rock and Roll stories is fascinating.

You get to read the story behind Lynn, who she is, how she grew up and how she got to where she got to. That is what I personally like reading about.

It is one thing to showcase the images only but it is another to include the entire story behind it. Isn’t that what brings the work a live, it makes you feel like you were there.

As photographers we have the ability to capture moments but we also have the ability to bring those moments to life in peoples minds by painting the entire story for them.

Lynn captures the behind the scenes images that many people wish they had the access to capture. Sure there are the live shots but as someone who has been on the road before you know the live shots are usually not as special as the behind the scenes shots.

And finally I love the quality and feel of this book. I love hardback books and honestly prefer them over anything else. They sit up nice on my shelf, they are printed and bound much better and yes they tend to be more expensive.

If you love music and photography this is a book that you will sit back and be in awe of. Rock and Roll StoriesClick Here to check it out on AMAZON.