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Macbook Pro 2016 Preview: Will I be getting one?

Macbook Pro 2016 Thoughts: Will I be getting one or not?

As a quick heads-up I meant to say Thunderbolt 3 which are SUPER FAST ports.

There’s a lot of commentary out there on the NEW Macbook Pro 2016 version which added the “touch bar”. I decided to hold off on making a video for a day to get as much information as possible and make some decision for myself.

Yes the touch bar is cool but no I don’t think it’s going to be highly functional.

Yes I like that the screen is now 67% brighter, who wouldn’t like that.

NO I don’t like that it did away with all legacy ports in place of 4 USB C ports. That means no USB 3.0, No HDMI, No Magsafe. Yes and this means you can’t plug your iphone into the computer without a new cable or adapter.

Speaking of adapters, in order to use almost anything you own you will need to get an adapter to USB C to let you connect it to this computer.

The moral of the story is the computer looks fantastic. It’s smaller and lighter which is always a bonus but will I be buying one.

As of right now I wont be buying one for me but I think in the next few months I will be picking one up for Stephen for him to use for video editing.

When docs and drives come out with USB C I think it will end up being a good move but in the meantime it’s a tough pill to swallow. What do you think.